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Oil on wood
Red My LUV
Oil on wood with found wood
12 x 61"

My interest has always been in working with a hybrid form between painting and sculpture, and in working non-objectively and somewhat minimally. That means letting the relationships between shape, color, and texture tell the story or present themselves directly.
With few exceptions my work is wall oriented, modest in size, and focused on the specific characteristics of the materials I use, wood and oil paint, and highlighting those. The wood support is clearly a part of the work whose patterns and textures are integral to the work. The oil paint is applied in an uninflected way to draw attention to its density and allow a deep light saturation. The painted areas are not collage, though sometimes mistaken for that. I do use colored papers as my jumping off point, but all the color areas are painted. Color with its nuance of saturation, hue, and value while mixing to achieve the right color have been an ongoing fascination, interest, and deeply satisfying part of my process.
At some point I realized I didn’t want to compose my paintings, I wanted to find them and document what I saw. Most of my compositions I call “found still-lives” and are found around me in my studio. It is much more thrilling for me to find and paint what I’ve found than to invent them. The choices are striking yet mysterious to me, but feel honest and not arbitrary.